Detroit Bartender SchoolHow to work as a bartender – Tips on what you need to do to become successful full or part-time bartender

  1. First learn the basic skills on how to mix drinks. Our courses are hands on behind a bar to learn how to mix drinks, the bartending tools and much more that trains you to become a professional bartender. For those that have time limitations, consider our online video courses complete with final exam and bartending certificate.
  2. Learn the basic most popular drinks. We teach you the classics from which you can build your drink recipe knowledge.
  3. Get to know what a bartender does and how they work. When you are at a bar, event, hotel or anywhere drinks are being served by bartenders, take notice as to what they do. Our instructors and behind the bar training allows you to train just like you are working in the type of situations you will encounter as a professional bartender.
  4. Consider attending a bartender school to learn all the basics of a bartending career. At Professional Bartender School, will teach you hands on with real bartending equipment, how to mix drinks, the essentials of bartending and more. Once your training is completed, we will administer your final exam to ensure sure you have learned everything needed to apply for a job and to get your bartender certificate of completion.
  5.  In addition to our staff assisting you with job opportunities, you should begin a search on your own as well. There are many jobs for bartenders in the hospitality industry posted on the internet for example. Apply for them and set up interviews. Visit places you would like to work, ask the managers if there are any employment opportunities available.
  6.  A big part of becoming a successful bartender in addition to knowing how to mix great drinks is your customer service skills. Bartenders who do well and make great income are very personable. When interviewing or working as a bartender, let your fun personality shine.
  7.  Reliability is a big plus when working as a bartender as well. You need to be sure to show up on time for your shifts. Additionally you have to be dependable and responsible to perform all the tasks required to manage the bar area as taught in the course. There are legal responsibilities, ethical responsibility and the ability to show you are capable of handling the tasks you are assigned in your career.
  8. If you have additional questions we would be happy to assist, contact our admin department for any questions you may have about our classroom or online training courses when considering  bartending as your career choice.