Bartender School Michigan Opens

Monday, December 28, 2015Detroit Bartender School

Farmington Hills, Michigan — Just in time for the New Year a new bartending school training center will open in Farmington, Hills, Michigan.

The new school teaches bartender career techniques focusing on mixed drinks, wines and liquors, pouring techniques and bartending job responsibilities’.

The bartender training center is opened by Professional Bartender School who has been training bartenders since 1983 and supplies bartenders to local companies, hotels, and for hospitality career opportunities nationwide.

In January 2016, Professional Bartending School will open its school in Farmington Hills, Michigan. It’s a center where students can learn how to bartend behind a real bar atmosphere.

While the bartending course focuses on how to mix a drinks and customer service, the course includes the responsibilities of a bartender. Bartenders have important responsibilities and need to learn that their career comes with more than just learning how to mix drinks.

The school will have a hands on bar, large screen tvs and experienced instructors who will teach comprehensive 2 week classes culminating  in a final exam to be sure students have absorbed all course material. Once a student passes the exam they will be issued a professional bartender completed training certificate that is recognized nationwide.

To sign up for the course, be sure to pre-register now at a significant grand opening special rate today. The admissions staff will contact you with the details of the class schedule. The school offers day and evening classes.